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OVERVIEW: 14-Day Tour from Casablanca


Embark on a captivating 14-day Tour starting from Casablanca, Morocco. This comprehensive tour spans the country’s diverse landscapes and cultural landmarks. Begin in the cosmopolitan atmosphere of Casablanca, then explore the historical richness of Rabat. Traverse the blue-hued streets of Chefchaouen, delve into the medieval charm of Fes, and venture into the majestic Sahara Desert for a night under the stars. Continue through the dramatic Todra Gorge and Dades Valley before concluding the adventure in the vibrant city of Marrakech. This immersive tour offers a blend of history, natural wonders, and the unique cultural tapestry that defines Morocco.

HIGHLIGHTS: 14 Days Tour from Casablanca

Embark on a captivating 14-day journey from Casablanca to the Merzouga Desert in Morocco, where you’ll delve into mesmerizing landscapes, rich culture, and storied history.

The adventure commences in Casablanca, a dynamic metropolis celebrated for the splendor of the Hassan II Mosque, set against the backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean.

Discover the political capital, Rabat, and the ancient tales housed in the Kasbah of the Udayas. Continue your exploration to Meknes, home to the majestic Mausoleum of Moulay Ismail.

In Fez, a city steeped in history, wander through vibrant markets, witness traditional tanneries in action, and visit the renowned University of Al Quaraouiyine.

En route to the Merzouga Desert, immerse yourself in the serene beauty of Chefchaouen, a town adorned in blue hues nestled amidst the Rif Mountains.

Upon reaching the Merzouga Desert, partake in camel rides across golden dunes, witness captivating sunsets, and spend nights in traditional Berber camps.

The return journey features stops at Ouarzazate, known for its cinematic landscapes, and the UNESCO World Heritage site, Ait Ben Haddou.

This 14-day odyssey weaves together a tapestry of cultural richness and historical opulence, promising unforgettable experiences and indelible memories.

ITINERARY: 14-Day Tour from Casablanca

Day 1: Arrival in Casablanca – Soaking in the City Vibes

Your journey commences in Casablanca, a bustling metropolis famed for its vibrant atmosphere. Take in the grandeur of the Hassan II Mosque; a splendid architectural marvel standing proudly against the Atlantic Ocean.

Day 2-3: Exploring the Imperial City of Rabat and the Mystique of Meknes

Departing from Casablanca, immerse yourself in the allure of Rabat, Morocco’s political capital. Wander through the historical sites like the Kasbah of the Udayas, brimming with ancient tales. Then, continue your venture to Meknes, exploring its majestic gates and the intricate beauty of the Mausoleum of Moulay Ismail.

Day 4-6: Fez – A Tapestry of Culture and Heritage

The journey leads to Fez, a city steeped in history and renowned for its ancient medina. Discover the vibrant markets, traditional tanneries, and the University of Al Quaraouiyine, a testament to Morocco’s intellectual heritage.

Day 7-8: Mesmerizing Stop at Chefchaouen

En route to the Merzouga Desert, relish the serene beauty of Chefchaouen, a captivating town adorned in blue hues. Unwind amidst the winding alleyways and indulge in the tranquility of the Rif Mountains.

Day 9-11: Merzouga Desert – A Nomadic Adventure

Arriving in Merzouga, embrace the ethereal landscapes of the Sahara. Traverse the golden dunes on camelback, witness captivating sunsets, and spend nights under the stars in a traditional Berber camp, experiencing the nomadic way of life.

Day 12-14: Return Journey with Enriched Memories

Commence the return journey, capturing last glimpses of Morocco’s scenic countryside. Make stops at Ouarzazate, renowned for its cinematic landscapes, and the Ait Ben Haddou kasbah, a UNESCO World Heritage site, before concluding this remarkable voyage back in Casablanca.

A Mosaic of Memories – Conclusion 14 Day Tour from Casablanca

This 14-day odyssey is a tapestry woven with cultural richness, historical opulence, and the breathtaking allure of Morocco. Each day unravels new experiences, ensuring a journey that leaves an indelible mark on your soul.

Embark on this expedition, and let Morocco’s mystique captivate your spirit, leaving you with memories that last a lifetime.

INFORMATION: 14 Days Tour from Casablanca


FAQs: 14-Day Tour from Casablanca - Desert Trip

  1. What is the best time to embark on a 14-day tour from Casablanca?

    • The ideal time is during spring (March to May) or fall (September to November) when the weather is pleasant for travel.
  2. Are there vegetarian options available during the tour?

    • Yes, vegetarian options are available, and the local cuisine caters to a variety of dietary preferences.
  3. How physically demanding is the Sahara Desert trek?

    • The trek is moderate, and participants with average fitness levels can comfortably enjoy the experience.
  4. Can solo travelers join the group tours?

    • Absolutely! The tours are designed for both solo travelers and groups, fostering a sense of community among participants.
  5. What type of accommodations can participants expect?

    • Accommodations range from comfortable hotels in cities to unique desert camps, providing a diverse and enriching experience.

REVIEWS: 14-Day Morocco Tour from Casablanca

Just got back from the 14-day tour of Morocco, and it was a wild ride! From the lively streets of Casablanca to the starlit night in the Sahara, every day was an adventure. The guides were cool, the hotels were comfy, and the whole trip was like a rollercoaster of culture and excitement. I'd totally recommend it to anyone up for a real adventure!

AMAZING 14 Days Tour from Casablanca

Morocco stole my heart, and this tour was the perfect introduction. The ancient vibes of Fes, the dreamy blues of Chefchaouen, and the epic Sahara – each stop was like a page from a travel novel. The guides dropped knowledge bombs, and the local experiences added that authentic touch. If you're into soaking up culture, this tour is your jam!

Morocco Best tour 14 Days

As a history enthusiast, this tour was a dream come true. Exploring the ancient medina in Fes, the imperial grandeur of Meknes, and the historic sites in Rabat felt like stepping back in time. The guides were like walking history books, and every corner of Morocco seemed to have a story to tell. Highly recommend for fellow history buffs!

Perfect Trip 14 Days Morocco Tour

As a solo traveler, I was a bit nervous, but this tour turned out to be the perfect way to explore Morocco. The group was diverse, and the guides made sure everyone felt included. The mix of guided activities and free time allowed me to connect with fellow travelers or enjoy some solo exploration. An excellent choice for solo adventurers!

14 Day Tour from Casablanca